Dog Training Education & Outreach


We offer customized presentations, training, and other educational events to support other dog professionals, organizations, and the general public.

Get informed today! Our founder, Janice Wolfe, is passionate about education. Check out her e-book: SHHH HAPPENS!: Dog Behavior 101 - a simple to understand guide to fixing behavioral issues in dogs.


Groomers & Doggy Day Care Owners

We can train your staff on how to rehabilitate canine behavior and handle behavioral issues specifically in the business setting.

Schools & Student Organizations

We partner with high schools and colleges to get students involved in foster and service dog handling.

Please call us at 1-855-4K9-PROS or contact us here for more information.

Veterinarians & Support Staff

We can train veterinarians, technicians, and office staff on humane, effective restraint, interpreting canine body language, and waiting- and exam-room etiquette.

Public Events

We can give presentations at community events to answer canine behavior questions, provide tips and resources, and more.