Local Dog Training Group Classes


Many of our team members offer local dog training group classes for non-aggressive dogs to provide a fun, hands-on introduction to Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR)™ for you, along with helpful socialization practice for your dog.

If you’re facing significant challenges with your dog at home, we recommend our customized private in-home classes, which go even deeper into canine behavior rehabilitation principles to help you resolve these issues for good.


Classes For Every Dog

Dogs who've never met before quickly learn to get along with each other calmly and confidently. Our fun, hands-on group classes will teach you how to take the stress out of social interactions with your dog.


Canine Behavior Clinics

Our Canine Behavior Clinics are on-time classes that focus on one specific behavioral issue. For a small investment and a minimal time commitment, you'll pick up some useful tips to get your dog on a path to success.


Behavior Basics Group Classes

Our Behavior Basics Group Classes will introduce you to the basics of Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR)™ in a group setting. You’ll learn a few gentle techniques (how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash, how to improve communication, how to help your dog respect and trust you, and more) that will enhance your relationship with your dog.


Service Dog Training

Group service dog and therapy dog training classes are offered through our sister non-profit organization.

Many of our team members partner hand-in hand with Merlin’s Kids as volunteers, fosters, service dog handlers, administrative assistants, and more. If you are interested in becoming a service dog handler or training your own dog to be a service dog, visit www.merlinskids.org