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Changing your dog’s behavior, naturally


Join the 30,000+ dog owners that have benefited from Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR)™


We Help Pet Owners

Commonly, pet owners are forced to make the difficult decision to give up their furry family member due to annoying, seemingly unmanageable and sometimes dangerous behavioral issues.

That's where we come in.

United K9 Professionals’ services come in many forms. We offer one-on-one dog training classes in your home and group classes, and we also partner with shelters & rescues and facilitate education in the pet community. Begin transforming your dog into the companion you always wanted.


Every dog needs to feel a sense of purpose, even if that purpose is to be a happy family dog.

Our trained professionals will teach you how to build a whole new relationship with your dog.

Understanding your dog’s needs and instincts, foster mutual trust and set your dog up for success.


"United K9 Professionals’ approach is intuitive for the dog; it makes sense and is founded on respect and leadership, rather than fear and dominance. I am a believer - extremely satisfied!" - NICOLE S.



Our Programs

Because we focus on the behavioral issues causing negative behaviors, our services are among the best dog training resources available. We offer training in a variety of formats:


Private In-Home Classes

As the hallmark of the United K9 Professionals program, our comprehensive private dog behaviorist services are our most popular classes. Our qualified team will come directly to your home to work one-on-one with your family and dog(s).

Shelter & Rescue Partnerships

We proudly partner with dog shelters and rescue organizations all across the United States and abroad to rehabilitate dog behavior, increasing the number of trained dogs for adoption and preventing owner relinquishments.

Group Classes

Many of our team members offer local dog training group classes for non-aggressive dogs to provide a fun, hands-on introduction to Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR)™ for you, along with helpful socialization practice for your dog.

Education & Outreach

We offer customized presentations, training, and other educational events to support other dog professionals, organizations, and the general public.


Learn More About Dog Behavior Through Our Radio Shows And E-Book


"For the Love of DoG"

If you want to understand your dog and know what your dog is thinking and how you can change those unwanted behaviors, tune in and learn. Fridays @ 7 pm EST.

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“From Shelter Dog to Service Dog”

Learn about our sister non-profit organization, Merlin's Kids, and how their process works for training service and therapy dogs.

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Read our e-book on Amazon:

A simple-to-understand guide to fixing behavioral issues in dogs, understanding why dogs do what they do, and how YOU can change your dog's behavior by changing what YOU do. Also includes important information on nutrition, choosing the right dog for your family, and setting simple rules to teach your dog, not train him.