United K9


United K9 Professionals encompass multiple companies and programs which have been featured in media outlets nationwide, lead by renowned award-winning Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation specialist, Janice Wolfe.

Wyatt’s List

As the premier resource and knowledge based dog website, Wyatt’s List provides education, product information, resources, and behavioral expertise to help owners provide the best life possible for their dogs.  


Merlin’s KIDS

Merlin’s KIDS is a non-profit organization that transforms the lives of dogs by rescuing them from shelters, training them and giving them a very meaningful purpose to their lives.  These special dogs, in turn, help transform the lives of both the children and adults they serve with a life long commitment to love, care for and assist. 


Canine Behaviour Rehabilitation

United K9 Professionals is an international team trained in Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR).  NCBR helps build a stronger connection and restores lost trust between you and your dog by providing him with confidence and security in your ability to take care of his needs so he can finally be your relaxed and worry-free companion.



Janice Wolfe has authored several books, including her canine behavior rehabilitation book, “SHHH HAPPENS! Dog Behavior 101” which offers a simple to understand guide to fixing behavioral issues in dogs, understanding why dogs do what they do, and how YOU can change your dog's behavior by changing what YOU do!


Media and Awards

Janice Wolfe has been featured on The TODAY Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, in USA TODAY, New York Daily News, The Record, The Standard, The New York Post and many other publications. She has also been presented with a myriad of prestigious awards.



Janice’s two radio shows, “For the Love of DoG”, and “From Shelter Dog to Service Dog”, focus on the unique connection between humans and dogs and how dogs and other animals can truly connect with children and change their lives.  


With United K9 Professionals, dog owners can:

Work with Janice or a member of her team specializing in NCBR 

Access product information, utilize valuable resources, and expand their knowledge via Wyatt’s List or the Book and Radio sections 

Learn about, support, or become a service dog trainer via Merlin’s Kids 

So welcome to United K9 Professionals, your best friend is waiting…