Our Founder

Janice Wolfe has been known for more than 30 years as "The Lady Dog Whisperer" for her unique ability to connect (in a gentle, compassionate way) with those dogs that other trainers and even many veterinarians could not rehabilitate.

Ms. Wolfe is author of several canine behavioral books. She is currently writing two books with world-renowned animal behaviorist and autism authority, her close friend, Dr. Temple Grandin.

Ms. Wolfe graduated from Columbia University in New York, NY, in 3 years with two BA degrees, one in Biological Sciences including a concentration in Animal Behavior and one in Economic Sciences, with minor areas of concentration in English, Spanish, Political Science, Genetics, and Philosophy.

Ms. Wolfe has personally rehabilitated more than 30,000 dogs with behavioral issues ranging from pulling on a leash and marking territory in the home to full-blown severe aggression (including fear and fear aggression) with virtually a 100% success rate.