United K9 Professionals

About Us

United K9 Professionals is an international team of motivated dog lovers who have received extensive training and mentoring in a behavioral modification approach called Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR)™.


NCBR™ helps build a stronger connection and restore lost trust between you and dog by providing him with confidence and security in your ability to take care of his needs so he can finally be the relaxed, worry-free companion you were looking for when you got him.

Instead of addressing the symptoms of a behavior (as with obedience training or punitive training methods like shock collars or choke chains), we address the underlying causes of the behavior to prevent them from returning.


How We Are Different from "Dog Trainers"

Our natural approach, Natural Canine Behavior Rehabilitation (NCBR)™, teaches you to communicate with your dog in a way he understands on an instinctual level. In other words, instead of "training" the dog, we teach you to think like your dog in order to better understand why your dog is doing what he's doing and what he needs from you in order to change, developing a comprehensive behavioral modification plan that is customized to your dog and your family's needs.